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A Tournament to Remember: Copa de España 2023

The Copa de España 2023 kicked off the 23-24 season, and what we experienced during this exciting tournament exceeded all expectations. Two action-packed days on the field, unforgettable moments, new champions, and the recognition of outstanding players were all highlights of this edition.

The Barcelona Dracs team was crowned champions in the men's category, while the Madrid Osas team took first place in the women's category. Both teams demonstrated exceptional play and unwavering commitment, which led them to the top of the podium in this edition of the Spanish Cup.

In addition, the Spain 2023 Cup also provided an opportunity to honor the weekend’s outstanding players.

Best Men’s Goalie: Jose Juan Porras Palacios

Best Women’s Goalie: Uxue Rodriguez

Top Men’s Goal Scorer: Justin Wismer

Top Women’s Goal Scorer: Teresa Burguera

Men's Fair Play Award: Yan Shaytelo

Women's Fair Play Award: Emma Porter

Men's MVP: Mike Englert

Women's MVP: Ane Aranguren

These awards result from the athletes' effort, dedication, and skill. They certainly left their mark on the 2023 Spanish Cup.

We would also like to express our deep gratitude to Luis Borho, CEO of Oliva Nova, and Joan Mascarell, Oliva Sports Councilman, for their support and contribution to making this tournament possible. Additionally, we extend our thanks to the co-organizing team Valencia Eagles, the referees, and the collaborating companies that have supported the event and made this edition of the Spanish Cup unforgettable: Ajuntament Oliva, Oliva Nova Resort, PaleoBull, VB Travel Group, Northern Soul, Alehop, Decathlon and Luanvi.

The Spain Cup 2023 has been a tournament to remember, full of excitement, camaraderie, and incredible moments. We hope this celebration of lacrosse has inspired players and fans alike to continue to grow and thrive in our sport.

See you next year!



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