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At the Spanish Lacrosse Association, we are excited about the steady growth of our sport in Spain. This enthusiasm is reflected in the unwavering support we have received from institutions and brands that share our vision and values. Today, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all those who have contributed to the growth of the sport on a daily basis.

The Oliva City Council deserves special recognition for opening its doors to one of the most outstanding events in the national lacrosse calendar: the 2023 Spanish Cup. This tournament, which will take place October 28th-29th, will not only provide our players with an opportunity to demonstrate their skills on the field, but will also allow the local community to cheer on some exciting matches. In addition, the Municipal Corporation has supported our efforts to bring lacrosse to the youngest players by holding workshops at local schools during the two weeks leading up to the tournament. This collaboration is fundamental for the development of the sport and leaves an important legacy in the Safor region.

We also cannot overlook the generosity of Oliva Nova Beach Resort, which will offer its first class facilities for the celebration of the Spanish Lacrosse Cup 2023. These top notch facilities will be the perfect setting to mark the start of the 2023-2024 season. Thanks to Oliva Nova, our players and fans will be able to enjoy an exceptional environment while watching some exciting matches.

We would also like to mention the companies that believe in our project and support us in various ways. From the high quality nutrition of Paleobull to the energy of Northern Soul, to the technical support of Luanvi, VB Group, Alehop and Decathlon, all of these brands play an essential role in our journey to promote lacrosse in Spain. Their contribution not only drives us forward, but also enriches the experience of our players and fans.

At AEL we are committed to continue advancing and promoting the growth of lacrosse in Spain. This path is made possible thanks to the continuous support of collaborating institutions and companies that share the same values as our community: learning, closeness, cooperation, equality, respect, resilience, and sustainability. With their support, we are confident that the future of lacrosse in Spain is promising and exciting.



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