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Find out how you can grow lacrosse in Spain!

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Did you know that there are many ways to contribute to the growth of lacrosse in Spain?

Whether you are a player or a fan, a family member or coaching staff, or you are simply on this website by chance and out of curiosity, every little help adds up to make lacrosse the biggest in Spain and you can contribute easily. On this web page, you'll find a few to inspire you.


You can give a little (or a lot!) of your time to the Lacrosse community by helping out locally or through our Volunteer Programs; helping in a project or during a whole season.


Contact us if you don't know how to contact your local team or if you want to grow lacrosse from within the Association.


Can't wait to hear form you!


Become a Fan! Yes! Now you can join the Spanish Lacrosse community from anywhere across the world!


Only 10€/year can make such a difference on growing the sport you love in our country!


More info here!


Do you have dusty lacrosse equipment on your garage?


Time to put in good use! You can donate it to your nearest club or to the Association, where we will take care of giving it a second life in newly created clubs.


Contact us!


Whether you want to contribute to a specific area (national teams, youth, officials, coaches...) or support the whole Spanish Lacrosse community, there's an option for that on our website too!


Supporting lacrosse is supporting youth and women; it is supporting the values of respect, friendship and healthy rivalry that lacrosse promotes on and off the field; but, above all, it means supporting the inclusion of more young people in sport.


Let's open that door for youth together!


Contact today!


Do you host a radio show or a TV show? Are you a journalist or maybe a screenwriter? Do you run sports fairs? Do you own a sports Club?


Including lacrosse in your programming not only gives it visibility, thus helping it in its growth and development, but also contributes to the project in which it is included by providing it with a distinctive and visionary touch.


Surprise your audience with a century-old sport in full swing!


Contact now!

By donating you understand and accept the conditions.



Since September 2022, the Spanish Lacrosse Association has been working on a Volunteer Plan that includes several Programs. A Plan focused on creating, in a regulated manner, volunteer positions that help Lacrosse continue to grow in the country.


The purpose is to give support and recognition to the work that for years has been done equally voluntarily but without that support or recognition. These are programs where the rights and obligations of each position are stipulated and needs and feedback will be monitored for the improvement of each position.


These volunteers will become official by signing an Incorporation Agreement, a legal document that recognizes the volunteer status. In addition, volunteering will be covered by the relevant insurance during the course of their activity. Volunteering will culminate with the recognition of the work performed in the form of a certificate and others.

Al realizar la donación comprende y acepta las condiciones.


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