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Volunteer Programs in Spanish National Teams

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

If Lacrosse is your passion, and you consider yourself a committed and driven person, this news is for you!

We are happy to present the Volunteer Plan of the Spanish Lacrosse Association! A plan focused on creating, in a regulated manner, volunteer positions that help the Association to continue growing the game in the country.

The program is based on regulated contracts that explain the tasks that each volunteer will carry out, as well as their rights, duties, and obligations.

All the volunteers who participate in the program and who fulfill their obligations during the established period will obtain recognition for their work through an official certification issued by the Association in addition to benefits such as training, insurance during the performance of the volunteer duties, and covered expenses -as applicable and indicated on each program.

The Volunteer Plan includes several specific Programs, which include various profiles where everyone has a place.

During the next months, we will be communicating the different programs to which you can sign up and thus help to continue making Lacrosse grow in Spain.

This week we are pleased to launch the Volunteer Programs in National Teams. For these volunteer programs, we are looking for people to be part of the Organizing Committee and the Staff of each of the 4 Lacrosse national teams (men, women, U-20 men, and U-20 women).

A unique opportunity to learn from the inside what a Lacrosse Team is like, to be able to actively participate in the day-to-day life of the teams, and help them achieve their goals in their European or World Championships.

In the first call, until November 25th, we will look for the Team Directors (aka Team Managers) of the following teams:

  • Spanish National Women's Lacrosse Team

  • Spanish National Men's Lacrosse Team

  • Spanish Sub20 Men's Lacrosse Team

Both the Organizing Committee and the Staff of the 4 teams will have a deadline to register until December 4th:

For each Organizing Committee we seek to fill these positions:

  • 1 Treasurer

  • 3 Logistics Assistants

  • 2 Communication Assistants

For each Staff, the available positions are:

  • 1 Head Coach

  • 1-2 Assistant Coaches

  • 1 Physical Trainer

  • 1 Physiotherapist and/or 1 Doctor

Our goal is to put together a competitive team of volunteers to support our national teams to achieve their highest goals, so that they can live the experience, get excited with each step, vibrate with each victory, and feel part of this big adventure, acknowledging their work and certifying it when they finish their volunteering.

Ready to join the adventure?

If you want to know all the details of these programs click on the following links:

To enter the selection process, all you have to do is read the Program and apply through this link.

Let's grow the game together!



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