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One of the most important events of the lacrosse season is quickly approaching: the Spanish Cup. This year, we are delighted to announce that this tournament will mark the beginning of the lacrosse season in Spain and will take place in the beautiful city of Oliva, Valencia, on October 28th and 29th. Two days of intense competition, experiences, training, sportsmanship, and, of course, lots of action on the field.

The Spanish Cup not only represents for club teams one of the most important events in the national calendar, but also symbolizes the beginning of the 23-24 season, which promises to be full of dedication and commitment to lacrosse in this important moment for our sport. The best national senior clubs, both male and female, will battle it out on the field using their best tactics, ready to take home the prestigious title of Spanish Cup champions.

Oliva, with its Mediterranean climate and picturesque surroundings, provides the perfect setting for the tournament. The 2023 Spanish Cup not only promises exciting match-ups on the field, but will also bring a significant economic boost to the Oliva region. Local hotels, restaurants and businesses will benefit from the influx of players, families and fans who will visit the city during the tournament. This event is not only a celebration of lacrosse, but also an opportunity for Oliva to shine and showcase its hospitality on a national level. In addition, the activities planned at schools throughout the town will provide a legacy to the community that will last beyond the competition itself.

We look forward to bringing together the entire Spanish Lacrosse community to display our passion for the sport and celebrating the kick-off of the lacrosse season.



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