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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

We would like to welcome and introduce two recent additions to the Spanish Lacrosse Association team: Álvaro Peinador and Javier Pérez-Coca.

After the voluntary resignation of the previous Men’s Lacrosse Representative, Ignacio Farjas Gómez, Álvaro Peinador was elected as the new representative in an extraordinary assembly on March 30th. The AEL Board would like to thank Ignacio Forjas for his dedication and service during the past few years.

Álvaro has been a lacrosse player for 10 years. He has competed in different international competitions with the senior men's national team (2018 in Israel, 2022 in Poland, and 2023 EuroLax Sixes in Portugal). At the team level, he has competed nationally with both Barcelona Dracs and Madrid Lacrosse, winning both the Spanish League and Spanish Cup.

In addition to his dedication as a player, Álvaro has always supported efforts off the field to promote the growth of our sport. He has served as president of Barcelona Dracs, has organized several clinics for professional players from the United States in Spain and has helped with organization of various tournaments that have brought teams from all over Europe and the United States to Spain, such as Notre Damme. He is also currently the Sponsorship Coordinator for the European Lacrosse Federation (ELF) and led Lacrosse Clinics in Ghana during 2022.

Outside of Lacrosse, Alvaro has a degree in Business Administration and Management. For the last 4 years he has been the Managing Partner of an International Consultancy in Business Excellence, is an investor in several companies and is on the Advisory Board of an Influencer Marketing company.

Javier Pérez-Coca joined the Spanish Lacrosse Association as Head of Medical Services.

Javier also started playing Lacrosse 10 years ago on the Montes Lacrosse team and quickly became part of Alicante Lacrosse.

He has had the opportunity to participate in tournaments alongside the senior men's national team such as the 2014 Denver World Cup, the 2016 Budapest European Championship, the 2018 Israel World Cup and the 2022 Poland European Championship. At the national level, with Alicante Lacrosse Javeir won the 1st and 2nd Spanish Cup.

He has a degree in Medicine from the European University of Madrid and graduated with a Master of Sports Traumatology from the UCAM and a Master of Clinical Biomechanics from UPV.

After finishing his training as a resident, he joined Ripoll y de Prado Sport Clinic as head of R&D to continue his work studying and developing biomechanical studies. He also trained with the doctor of Hércules de Alicante CF until he became the team's chief medical officer.

Despite the disappearance of the Alicante Lacrosse team after the pandemic, Javier has continued to collaborate with the Association. He not only served as captain of the men's national team but also organized medical services for all national teams before competitions, supervised the preparation of the national team and along with organizing the physiotherapists and doctor who accompanied the men’s national team to the European Championship in Poland 2022.

We thank Álvaro and Javier for helping us move forward and making our sport grow, welcome to the team!



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