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Ken Galluccio Cup arrives in Barcelona!

We are pleased to announce that Barcelona will host the Ken Galluccio Cup until 2024!

The European Lacrosse Federation (ELF) has announced the destination of the Ken Galluccio Cup to Barcelona after winning the vote of the European nations.

The KGC is the European senior men's and women's field lacrosse club championship. The idea for the competition was conceived by Kenneth Galluccio one of the first ambassadors of lacrosse in Germany, who established the event in 2008 and passed away in 2009. Since 2013, when the League was established in Spain, this championship has been held annually in Ghent after winning the screen twice in a row for two biennia each. Spain has never participated in this club championship due to its high travel and accommodation costs and the lack of resources and national support.

One of the objectives of the AEL since 2020 was to make this tournament accessible to clubs in Spain to achieve both international presence and game IQ. News of Barcelona's project came a few months ago while the AEL was working, guided by the ELF, on its own proposal to host this event in Spain. The AEL dropped their project to support Barcelona's candidacy against ELF and the rest of the nations.

Finally and after a vote by the European nations, Barcelona has emerged as the winning venue to host this historic tournament until 2024. Congratulations Dracs!

From the AEL we will support this tournament as much as possible so that lacrosse in Spain obtains the visibility it deserves both nationally and internationally. Spanish laxers will work together to make this a memorable event so that the Ken Galluccio Cup in Spain be remembered as one of the best tournaments held in Europe!



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