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Last Saturday, May 27th, the Lili Alvarez Sports Center in Madrid was the scene of an unforgettable event for the lacrosse community. Male and female youth players had the opportunity to participate in a youth clinic lead by the Marquette University women's lacrosse team. It was an enriching experience where our youngsters were able to learn new techniques, tactics and strategies from high level players from the American team.

The atmosphere was truly exciting, and the camaraderie among the participants was evident from the first moment. The enthusiasm and dedication of the Marquette players created a positive and motivating learning environment, in addition to providing first class instruction, sharing their experience and knowledge with passion and energy.

But the excitement did not end with the workshop. Then came a friendly scrimmage between the Spanish U20 Women's National Team and Marquette University. The national team players showed their talent and determination on the field, facing a team full of skill and experience.

Beyond the results, the highlight of this event was the atmosphere of camaraderie and sportsmanship that permeated every corner of the field. The youth players, along with players from the Spanish U20 Women's National Team and Marquette University, formed a united team sharing laughter, learning and passion for lacrosse.

This event was yet another testament to the continued growth and development of lacrosse in Spain. The collaboration between Marquette University and the Spanish Lacrosse Association along with event partners WorldStrides, Luanvi and Paleobull were fundamental to the success of this activity. We would like to thank everyone involved for their dedication and enthusiasm in promoting and spreading this beautiful sport.

We are proud to have witnessed such a memorable event and are excited for the future of lacrosse in Spain! We hope this is one more step in a history full of success and growth for lacrosse nationally.

Thank you to all the participants, players, coaches and fans for making this day an unforgettable event! Together we are building a bright future for lacrosse in Spain.

We are Lacrosse! Grow the game!



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