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AEL and DALTER join forces

In order to bring lacrosse closer to educational centers, the AEL welcomed 2022 by signing an exclusive agreement for material with the Spanish company DALTER after having tested the durability and quality of its intercrosse sticks. This agreement has been possible thanks to the common vision of making our sport accessible to youth.

DALTER is a Spanish company that has been distributing a large amount of sports equipment, including various intercrosse pieces, for almost 30 years. Despite not being used in national lacrosse leagues, intercrosse sticks are inexpensive and durable, ideal for bringing lacrosse to schools in its lightest version in a fun and simple way. The AEL has been using intercrosse sticks for two years in its didactic units throughout the national territory as part of the Lacrosse Para Todos (LPT) program, thanks to which it has multiplied by six the number of youth players in the country.

This agreement will allow AEL members and clubs to enjoy interesting purchase discounts and enjoy the good quality of the intercrosse material that DALTER distributes in Spain.

In order to benefit from these discounts, simply contact AEL through: where you'll be given a discount code to order material directly on the DALTER website.

This is the first of many initiatives that the AEL wants to launch in 2022 to facilitate access to lacrosse in schools and new clubs.

The best is yet to come...!



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