Recognition of Lacrosse as an official sport

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What would happen if Spain could not present itself to the World Cup because of lack of means of their Federation? What would we think if Pau Gasol came out on the court without health insurance? What if Rafa Nadal had to buy his rackets online? Absurd, right? This is what happens when a sport is not officially recognized.

In this country, there are many sports that live in the shadow of Football. Gradually we see how the corresponding recognition in the media is given to Basketball, Tennis, and even other sports that were not mentioned before, which gives minority sports a ray of hope to see that the Spanish sport opens its And finally broadens horizons.

However, for those who play Lacrosse the level of difficulty is multiplied strongly and is that only say that the Spanish Association of Lacrosse, national governing body of this sport, only aspires to register as a cultural and non-sports association, and says a lot and not very good. Even more so if we consider that it has been an Olympic Sport and is expected to come back as such in 2024 as stated by the Director of Development of the International Lacrosse Federation Tom Hayes in an interview. For this reason, we have launched this petition to make material support for our application for Lacrosse recognition as an official sporting modality that we will present to the CSD.

Personally as part of the Association, I have been able to check first hand the number of obstacles of all kinds that are presented and that form the endless vicious circle in which we live the players of this sport: since due to the cession to the communities Autonomous competences in this area create inequalities such as that in Catalonia and Lacrosse figure as a recognized sport while in the Valencian community can not create an official club, Passing through the insecurity of the players before injuries since if you do not practice a recognized modality, you can not pay a sport insurance; And ending with the lack of equipment means both to order material only available in foreign online stores for high shipping costs, to promote it nationally and to grow it. And these are only some examples that would be solved with the recognition, and that would also give space to the sports sponsorship of companies that we need so much, and to which we can not accede due to lack of formal image.

International institutions such as the International Lacrosse Federation (ILF) and the European Lacrosse Federation (ELF) do not believe our situation. They do not understand how a country appears as a full member in all of them, but at the same time it can not present all its best players in world or European competitions for lack of means, since the cost usually rounds around 2500 euros per player, the amount that the assistant himself must face in a personal way without federal support, nor support or possible sponsorships. They also do not understand that a country that sees how each year grows its rate of sports tourism does not offer a sport that opens the doors to tourists from all corners of Europe, USA and Canada. The reality is that in this sense Spain, an undisputed sport reference world-wide, disappoints.

To support this request is to support a lifestyle for many people. Lacrosse today is practiced, grown and enjoyed in Spain more and more. There are many players and players in this country with a lifetime dedicated to a sport that requires much sacrifice, effort and desire, and therefore should be rewarded as it deserves, do you help us achieve it?

Asociación Española de Lacrosse


  • Recognise it as an official sport. Tristan smith

    Tristan Smith15 enero, 2017
  • Lacrosse deberia ser considerado un deporte en España con lo divertido y competitivo ue es y por todo el sacrificio que los/las jugadores dan al jugar y formar parte de un equipo.

    Carlota Rodriguez15 enero, 2017
  • Lacrosse de erica ser consider ado un deporte en Espana con lo divertido y competitive que es y por todo el sacrificicado que Los y las jug adores Dan al jug are y former parte de un equipo

    Stella Abelenda16 enero, 2017

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