Senior Masculino

The Spanish Mens National team is currently working towards the Lacrosse World Cup in Netanya, Israel. With the hiring of new head coach, Poynton’s Mike Bartlett, the tryout process has been tougher and more competitive than ever. There have been 5 different sets of tryouts:

  • Madrid: January 2017
  • Barcelona: March 2017
  • Manchester: September 2017
  • Sevilla: January 2017

After this intense process, the team has been cut from around 80 players at the start of the selection process to 33.

The current 33 man roster includes:

G- Alvaro Couceiro – Madrid Lacrosse

G- Alejandro Ferri – Madrid Lacrosse

G- Guillermo Repetto – Sevilla Lacrosse


D- Darrel Hunter – BMTC Lions

D- Ion Rodríguez – Reading Wildcats

D- Jaime del Pozo – Madrid Lacrosse

D- Juan Neves – Montes Lacrosse

D- Roke Markiegi – Barcelona Dracs

D- Harry Doherty – Alicante Barefoots

D/LSM – Alberto Hoffmann

D/LSM- Lucas Burke – Lafayette


FO/M – Javier Coca – Alicante Barefoots

FO/M – Antonio Gavira – Sevilla Lacrosse

FO/M – Fernando Martínez – Montes Lacrosse


M- Ignacio Farjas – Madrid Lacrosse

M- Carlos Rodriguez – Sevilla Lacrosse

M- Connor Cinquegrana – Barcelona Dracs

M- Nico Aldeanueva – Bowdoin

M- Iñigo Macias – Madrid Lacrosse

M- Jonas Nienau – Madrid Lacrosse

M- Alvaro Peinador – Barcelona Dracs

M- Diego Diaz – Madrid Lacrosse

M- Gabriel Mattioli – Barcelona Dracs

M- Luis Naranjo – Alicante Barefoots

M- Mike Buisan – Alicante Barefoots


A- Pol Llorca – Barcelona Dracs

A- Josep Casuto – Alicante Barefoots

A- José Antonio Martínez – Madrid Lacrosse

A- Daniel de la Casa – Alicante Barefoots

A- Juan Larrea – Madrid Lacrosse

A- Pablo Castro – Barcelona Dracs

A- Diego Larraz – Exeter Lacrosse

A- Francisco Andres – Madrid Lacrosse

These men will keep on competing for the just 23 spots in the roster for the World Cup. The next few steps go through Manchester for the Nick Kehoe tournament, where the guys will face some of the strongest teams in Europe, and Barcelona, for a training weekend including scrimmages against England and other European National teams who will be coming down.

Este es el Comité Directivo responsable de esta sección:

Secretario: Ignacio Farjas

Tesorero: Pol Llorca

Responsable de patrocinio: José Antonio «Sete» Martínez

Responsable de equipamiento: Carlos Rodríguez

Responsable de comunicación: Juan Larrea

Head Coach: Mike Bartlett

Para cualquier tipo de duda, pregunta, sugerencia, etc. no dudes en ponerte directamente en contacto con ellos: